Usually 21 -14 days is the best time for any panchakarma. But for those who are short of time, we say 7 days power panchakarma is also good.

To view the detailed tariffs of both the packages, please visit our Panchakarma Tariff Page.

NO, we do not provide accommodations, but we can help you find accommodations if requested. Some of the places we recommend are:

  • Divine Guest house
  • Mayonna
  • Ranis and nanis
  • River side regency

Yes. Ours is a Ayurveda therapeutic cum rejuvenation clinic. So in case of detox you can consult the doctor and select therapies too.

Package 1 – We usually select the time and thus put you for the therapies after you have consulted our doctor. It can be for 1 -2 hours of therapy.

Package 2 – This is the usual programme which can change – Morning Yoga – 8.00AM to 9.30AM
Breakfast – 9.30AM to 10.00AM

1st group from 10.30AM to 12.30PM
2nd group from 4.30PM to 6.30PM
(We usually try to use your either morning or evening session so that you are free the rest of the day.)

Old clothes are better since Ayurveda therapies include a lot of oils. So older clothes won’t get stained or spoilt. We provide disposable underwears for each time of the therapy.

Get in touch with us if you have any query about available facilities,treatments or tariff plans